10 ways to be generic

Same same not different
Consulting interview season is coming up. Here are 10 great ways to make sure you don’t stand out:

  1. Respond to the case description by playing it back verbatim, much like a human voice messaging service. Do not ask questions, clarifying is for the weak.
  2. Then make sure to utter the timeless classic “Are there any other objectives I should be aware of?”
  3. After the inevitable “No…there aren’t”, say “Could I take a minute to collect my thoughts?”
  4. After furiously scribbling down a framework, say “I want to start by analyzing the market” (i.e. the broadest analysis you can possibly do, thereby ensuring you aren’t wrong yet also ensuring you won’t get to a conclusion in time)
  5. Fish for data. Ensure data requests are neither specific nor given in context e.g. “Do you have any data on competitors?” or “Do you have any data on historical performance?”
  6. Do all calculations on paper. Even the easy ones.
  7. Ask the interviewer “what has been your favorite case?”
  8. Do not engage in conversation. Proceed straight to your next question “are there any topics you specialize in?”
  9. …or try “how does project staffing work?”
  10. Finally if you are so inclined, ask “Do you see yourself working here for a long time?” (a question that can only yield a ‘yes’ or an ‘awkward yes’)
You’re ready!! Go out there and be the same as everyone else¹
1. You know I’m not serious right?? Be yourself, not everybody else. Don’t be a robot. And most importantly, have a conversation and enjoy it 🙂
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